Der Große Benz

Der Große Benz

The 1960’s, a revolutionary decade where freedom of expression and social change were amplified through the driving forces of music and art. A decade of sexual liberation that challenged traditional codes of behavior with passive resistance and nonviolence, also known as the flower power movement. The symbol of this newfound freedom was, undeniably, the VW bus.

But what if you wanted to start a revolution that had nothing to do with flower power, freedom or Woodstock loving hippies? What if you didn’t want a VW bus to be the shining star of your revolution?

For those people, there was another star at the horizon. The Mercedes-Benz 600 also known as “Der Grosser”.

First introduced in 1963, the 600 with factory code W100, was an instant success among those “other” revolutionaries. Fidel Castro owned one and so did North Korean leaders Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-Il and Kim Jong-un. As well as, Saddam Hussein and Pablo Escobar.

It must have upset those guys that some peace loving hippies like John Lennon also got their hands on it.

But the 600 is truly unique. Justifiably, it had a huge following among celebrities, world leaders and wealthy businessmen. The 600’s immense size and weight, astonishing amount of hydraulically driven options required more power than even Mercedes’ largest engine at that time could produce. A new V8 with more than twice the capacity was developed, the 6.3 L M100.

The 600 had a brilliantly complex 150-bar (2,176 psi) hydraulic pressure system powering the car’s windows, seats, sun-roof, boot lid, and automatically closing doors.

Adjustable air suspension delivered an excellent ride quality, reminiscent of a magic carpet ride on any road surface, whether it be the dessert roads of Baghdad or the streets of upper Manhattan.

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