The Authentic Haidavia Brand

Haidavia Classics was founded in 2019 by Wael, Adnan, and Jasper in memory of Sam, the founder of Haidar Aviation. Our passion for classic cars, especially vintage Mercedes Benz models, drives everything we do. From the late '70s to the early '90s, Mercedes produced technologically advanced cars, and tuning houses like Brabus and Carlsson took these cars to the next level with custom modifications.

We don't just love these cars; we preserve them. Each one is unique, often built in limited numbers with custom parts. Our expanding product range includes rare OEM and NOS OEM Mercedes parts and classic tuning parts from renowned companies like AMG, Lorinser, and Oettinger.

Explore our Story Time for more fun facts and history. If you have questions or need specific parts, feel free to reach out.