Lorinser a Tale of Automotive Excellence

Lorinser a Tale of Automotive Excellence

Lorinser, the renowned tuning company that we know today, had humble beginnings back in 1930. Erwin Lorinser, the man behind the brand, never set out with the grand ambition of creating a tuning empire; instead, he opened a small garage in the town of Waiblingen, Germany, blissfully unaware of what the future held for his business.

To Erwin’s pleasant surprise, his garage quickly gained recognition for its exceptional service and craftsmanship. In 1935, the prestigious Daimler Benz AG took notice of Lorinser’s accomplishments and extended an offer of collaboration. This marked a turning point for the small garage, as it became the official reseller of cars and utility vehicles for Daimler Benz. Furthermore, Lorinser took on the responsibility of maintaining and servicing Daimler Benz automobiles, solidifying its relationship with the renowned automaker.

Over the years, Lorinser flourished, and in 1961, the business relocated to a new and larger facility in Waiblingen. At this time, Lorinser primarily operated as a Mercedes-Benz dealership, known as Autohaus Lorinser. The move also included the addition of a gas station, aptly named Tankstelle Lorinser.

It wasn’t until 1974 that Erwin Lorinser handed the reins to his son, Manfred. Manfred Lorinser took on the role of managing director, and this transition marked a pivotal moment for the company. In 1976, Lorinser established a subsidiary car dealership in Winnenden, Germany, while simultaneously venturing into the realm of engine tuning for Mercedes-Benz cars.

In 1981, Manfred Lorinser went a step further and founded Sportservice Lorinser GmbH as an independent entity. This move allowed the company to expand its operations and take on a more prominent position in the tuning industry. Then, in 1986, Lorinser introduced a body and paint division, completing their comprehensive package of automotive services.

Lorinser’s rise to fame and success can be largely attributed to its involvement in motorsports. The company’s ventures into various racing disciplines, such as touring car racing and rally racing, solidified its reputation as a purveyor of top-notch performance upgrades. Lorinser’s involvement in motorsports not only showcased their expertise but also served as a powerful marketing tool, attracting a wider audience and cementing their position as a leader in the Mercedes-Benz tuning scene.

One of Lorinser’s earliest triumphs was achieved in the German Touring Car Championship (DTM). In 1984, Lorinser boldly entered a modified W201 into the fiercely competitive DTM series. Against all odds, they emerged victorious in the final race of the season, leaving their mark on the championship. This unexpected triumph not only propelled Lorinser into the limelight but also set the stage for their future endeavors in the DTM and beyond.

With each passing year, Lorinser continued to refine their craft, and in 1986, Lorinser introduced their first series of tuning packages. These pioneering packages were designed to unleash the full potential of various Mercedes-Benz models, with a particular emphasis on the revered W201. The RS1 package, their inaugural offering, represented a comprehensive range of enhancements that left no stone unturned. From engine upgrades to suspension modifications, from body enhancements to bespoke wheels and interior modifications, Lorinser embarked on a mission to elevate these vehicles to new heights.

Within the RS1 package lies the secret to transforming the W201 into a true performance machine. The engine received special attention from Lorinser’s engineering team. Through the implementation of a new camshaft, custom pistons, and a bespoke exhaust system, the RS1 package unleashed a surge of power from the 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine. The stock output of 167 horsepower was transformed into an impressive 200 horsepower, accompanied by a substantial increase in torque from 162 lb-ft to 186 lb-ft. Lorinser recognized that true performance is not merely about power but also about how a vehicle handles the road. With this in mind, the RS1 package included meticulously crafted suspension modifications. Lowered and stiffened, the W201 suspension system became a symphony of responsiveness and precision.

Excellent stopping power is of paramount importance; thus, the RS1 package featured upgraded brakes with larger rotors and calipers, ensuring fade resistance and improved stopping capabilities.

In pursuit of an extraordinary driving experience, Lorinser paid close attention to the symphony of sounds emitted by the exhaust system. The RS1 package included a bespoke exhaust system, complete with a new header and high-flow catalytic converter. These enhancements optimized exhaust flow, reducing backpressure and creating an exhilarating exhaust note that resonated with both the driver and spectator.

Aesthetics played a big role in Lorinser’s RS1 package. Lorinser provided the W201 with a striking set of wheels. The choice typically fell between the Lorinser LM-5 or LO wheels, their designs complementing the vehicle’s silhouette.

In 1991, Lorinser and Mercedes-Benz joined forces, giving birth to the magnificent Lorinser E60. Based on the illustrious W124 E60 AMG, this limited edition model showcased an array of enhancements meticulously curated to elevate the driving experience to new heights. At the heart of the E60 resided a 6.0-liter V8 engine, surpassing straight-out Affalterbach with 381 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. Lorinser’s touch enhanced the E60 with a distinctive Lorinser body kit, captivating Lorinser wheels, and an interior with bespoke touches, including redesigned seats, door panels, and dashboard trim. To complete the transformation, the suspension received careful attention, receiving stiffer springs, dampers, and a lowered ride height, resulting in a harmonious blend of performance and aesthetics, as they put it. The Lorinser E60 was a rare gem, produced in limited numbers—just 25 units in total. One that exemplified Lorinser’s dedication to crafting automotive masterpieces.

Among Lorinser’s most renowned packages for the more normal W124s was the esteemed D93 package. This comprehensive offering encompassed a wide array of engine upgrades, including a new camshaft, pistons, and exhaust system. Coupled with a custom suspension system and Lorinser wheels. In addition to the D93 package, Lorinser provided a range of other packages and individual aftermarket parts for the W124. These offerings included body kits, exhaust systems, and interior accessories meticulously designed and developed to enhance the performance, handling, and appearance of the beloved W124.

Expanding their reach beyond the W124, Lorinser also catered to other Mercedes-Benz models. For instance, the LM Package offered engine upgrades and suspension modifications for the R107, while the LA Package catered to the performance needs of the W201. Each package included high-performance exhaust systems, revised engine management systems, and lowered suspensions.

The R129 received its fair share of attention from Lorinser as well. The standout RS3 package for the R129 offered a comprehensive range of engine and suspension upgrades, paired with a custom exhaust system and Lorinser wheels. This transformative package elevated the SL500’s 5.0-liter V8 engine to an impressive 390 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, eclipsing the stock output of 315 horsepower and 347 lb-ft of torque.

Lorinser continued to flourish and expand. In 1994, Sportservice Lorinser moved to its own business location in Winnenden, accompanied by the construction of a new showroom for utility vehicles. Lorinser further solidified its presence with a new showroom and administration building in Waiblingen, where their esteemed vintage car collection now resides in the “Lorinser Classic Center.” This facility allows enthusiasts to buy or rent classic and vintage cars or have their own treasured vehicles repaired or restored to their former glory.

Throughout the years, Lorinser captured the hearts of enthusiasts and professional drivers alike. Their modifications graced the iconic Mercedes-Benz models driven by some of the greatest names in motorsports. Legends like Nelson Piquet, Danny Sullivan, Alain Prost, Didier Pironi, Nikki Lauda, and Walter Röhrl entrusted their vehicles to Lorinser.

Beyond the racing world, Lorinser has collaborated with famous figures from the worlds of entertainment, music, and sports. Icons including Michael Jordan with his black SL600 with its aerodynamic upgrades and signature RS-90 wheels, Boris Becker with his striking red and black SL boasting performance enhancements and a lowered suspension, and Denzel Washington’s luxury-customized S-Class complete with a built-in refrigerator and custom sound system, Lorinser’s work has captivated the discerning tastes of these high-profile clients.

In conclusion, Lorinser’s journey from a small German garage to a renowned tuning company is a testament to their passion for automotive excellence. From their early collaborations with Daimler Benz to their triumphs in motorsports and their development of iconic tuning packages, Lorinser has left its mark on the world of Mercedes-Benz tuning. Whether it’s the transformative RS1 package for the W201, the powerful enhancements of the D93 package for the W124, or the awe-inspiring Lorinser E60, they have consistently pushed boundaries and set new standards of excellence.

So, the next time you see a Mercedes-Benz with Lorinser upgrades, take a moment to appreciate the legacy of this remarkable tuning company. Behind every modified engine, suspension, and body kit lies a story of passion, precision, and the pursuit of automotive excellence.

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