The Legendary Red Pig

The Legendary Red Pig

The “Red Pig”, which wasn’t red to begin with, was factory equipped W109 with a 247 hp (184 kW) 6.3 liter M100 V8 and weighed nearly two tons, making it one of the fastest production four-door saloon at the time. The AMG miracle workers raised the displacement of this already powerful engine to 6.8 liters and the output to about 450 horsepower.

In July of 1971, the race car was transported to Belgium for the “24 Hours of Spa”, one of Europe’s most difficult endurance races. After 308 arduous laps, the “red pig”, co-driven by Hans Heyer and Clemens Schickentanz, finished second, behind the Works Capri of Dieter Glemser and Alex Soler-Roig.

Unfortunately, this legendary car’s story did not have a happy ending. The car was unable to compete in high-profile races due to frequent changes in regulations and as a result, AMG sold it to French manufacturer, Matra, who used it as a test car for high-speed testing of aircraft tires.

The spirit of the “Red Pig” lives on in every new AMG vehicle, fifty years after its incredible performance. Subsequently, the three letters have come to represent high-performance perfection and motorsport excellence.

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