The Success Story of BRABUS and SIXT

The Success Story of BRABUS and SIXT

Its 1984 and Bodo Buschmann is trying to find a way to push his already fast growing company BRABUS to the next level. During the same time Erich Sixt from the SIXT Car Rental company was looking for a way to stand out among his competitors.

There aren’t many details how these two men came together with the brilliant idea of having SIXT rent out 200 W201’s tuned by Brabus. When I say tuned, it was mostly styling that made them stand out from the rest. The 7 cars we’ve seen throughout the years came in either red or white and all had the M102 2-Liter engine.

They were outfitted with what we now call the Brabus 190 Gen 1 Bodykit and 15” BBS Mahle Rims. Two of the cars we’ve seen had some Brabus interior parts, steering wheel and shifter but the others had a standard Mercedes-Benz interior. A bit of styling doesn’t sound like much nowadays but in 1984 these where spectacular cars!

Some of Sixt’s customers who rented one of these always solidly booked W201’s subsequently became loyal BRABUS customers. This cooperation turned out to be very beneficial for the success of both of these companies.

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