Vantagefield of London

Vantagefield of London

David Linder once said; “You don’t sell more of these cars just because your picture is in some magazine”. This is probably why you are now wondering who David Linder is. Unless you were living in the Middle East in the 80’s and your wealth was directly connected to the global oil consumption, then you might know of him.

David and a man called Graham Chalkley started a coach building company in 1982, which they called “Vantagefield of London”. Both men had worked for reputable coach building and car conversion companies. Therefore, they combined their experiences and put them to good use. It didn’t take long before the rich and famous from around the globe found their way to London.

Although Vantagefield is mostly known for their exceptional Range Rover conversions, like a six wheel model, they aren’t brand specific. They converted a wide range of brands and among them were a range of Mercedes models. Exceptionally built 1000SEL’s, 1000SEC’s, convertibles (the 560sec above was turned in to a convertible, a conversion that would set you back around £6000,-.

The 1000sec conversion would set you back a lot more than that), stretched cars and some… Range Merc’s called Hunter and Falcon. These hunting cars are so extreme they become likable again. Every one of these cars was uniquely built for their owner, who demanded nothing but the best. Vantagefield could and still can deliver the best. They had their own unique leather which they supplied Rolls Roys with at one time, for example. Vantagefield of London is a little known company with a big history and it’s nice to see that some creators of petrol fueled insanity are still around.

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