W201 Cyclone by Chameleon

W201 Cyclone by Chameleon

The 1980’s were a time when greed was good, subtlety wasn’t cool and petrol fueled insanity was at its heyday. It was a time when a factory spec S class or 600 Grosser just wouldn’t do for any self-respecting rich person. Luckily for them, there was a London based car company called Chameleon that could help them out. Founded by Michael Lahav. Lahav was known to be a hard boss and later was arrested for tax fraud, as any self-respecting entrepreneur during the 80’s would. His right-hand man was Graham Chalkley who set up Vantagefield Land Rover dealers. Vantagefield is another great company that made some very interesting cars, Check out the story we did about them!

In those days, you could, of course, retain the services of companies like Gemballa or Koenig to turn your ride into something definitely unique but if you really wanted to stand out from the crowd with a ludicrously over-the-top conversion, Chameleon was the place to go. Obvious candidates for the Chameleon treatment were the high-end models that came out of Stuttgart. But if you, at the time, favored the new W201 baby Benz, Chameleon could help you out as well.

The baby Benz was offered as the Cyclone and options included a pretty extreme styling kit made of Kevlar and a color scheme that suited that type of body. Interior wise, a full retrim in leather or velour complete with Wilton carpet and curtains was available. A television and VCR in the center console, picnic tables at the back of the seats and personalized luggage.

Chameleon Car Company is mostly known for their very luxurious and reworked conversions on Mercedes Benz vehicles sold mainly to Middle East clients. Versions called Mercedes 1000 SEL, Typhoon, Tornado and Cyclone with very luxurious interiors and sometimes to the extreme exteriors.

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