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Genuine Mercedes-Benz C126 SEC Bosch Fog Lights

Genuine Mercedes-Benz C126 SEC Bosch Fog Lights

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Product Description

Part Numbers: 030 540 40 02 (Left), 030 640 60 01 (Right)

These genuine Mercedes-Benz Bosch fog lights are in good condition and are specifically designed by Mercedes-Benz to provide enhanced visibility in adverse weather conditions.

In the case of AMG and Lorinser, these fog lights serve both function and style, adding a touch of sportiness and distinction to the appearance of their models. These fog lights were used by both brands in their complete aerodynamic packages as well as in their individually sold front bumpers.

Lorinser's iconic designs have not only gained popularity among Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts but have also made appearances in various car shows and automotive events around the world, showcasing their unique blend of performance and style. This visibility has cemented Lorinser's reputation as a premier tuner and designer in the automotive world

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Fits the:

  • Mercedes-Benz C126
  • Mercedes-Benz W201
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