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Genuine Mercedes-Benz W124 AMG Body Kit Door Panels

Genuine Mercedes-Benz W124 AMG Body Kit Door Panels

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Product Description:

These W124 AMG Body Kit Door Panels are a rare and highly sought-after modification, notable for their distinctive deletion of the chrome trim. Designed by AMG, these panels provide a clean and modern aesthetic to the exterior of your Mercedes-Benz W124. Originally part of the AMG body kit, these panels are an authentic piece of AMG's design legacy.

The W124 series is renowned for its robustness and durability, with many examples still on the road today. The AMG body kits, including these door panels, were a popular upgrade that gave the W124 a distinctively sporty and aggressive look, making it a favourite among enthusiasts.

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Fits the:

  • Mercedes-Benz W124
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