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Genuine Mercedes-Benz W140 R129 Brabus Speedometer

Genuine Mercedes-Benz W140 R129 Brabus Speedometer

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Product Description:

This speedometer originates from a Mercedes-Benz W140 BRABUS 7.3S and still remains in excellent condition. Setting it apart from the speedometers in typical W140 models of its era, it features unique attributes. Positioned on the right side, a rev counter reaches its limit at 8000 RPM, accompanied by a clock strategically placed for enhanced functionality. On the left side, an engine data combination dial presents engine temperature, oil pressure, and an additional consumption meter at the top. Adjacent to this, a fuel meter finds its place. Notably, the central speedometer prominently showcases the BRABUS logo while stretching to a maximum of 330 km/h.

It's important to note that this speedometer is specifically designed for a W140 7.3S BRABUS with a M120 engine. If you intend to use it with a different engine type, recalibration will be necessary.

BRABUS was founded in 1977 by Bodo Buschmann, and the name 'BRABUS' is derived from the first three letters of his last name and the first two letters of his first name.

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Fits the:

  • Mercedes-Benz W201
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