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Genuine Mercedes-Benz W201 Full Zebrano Veneer Wood Trim

Genuine Mercedes-Benz W201 Full Zebrano Veneer Wood Trim

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Product Description:

This is a high-quality veneer set based on an OEM part. This kit will fit all W201 models. Each of these parts has been carefully re-veneered to ensure a seem-less color match. These sets can be veneered in any wood trim desired as long as the wood is naturally available. 

The following parts are included: Left and right dashboard plates (2p) Bottom dashboard trim (1p) Glove compartment cover (1p) Door handle panels (4p) Middle console panels (2p) Shift plate (1p)

At our specialized workshop, we possess the expertise to meticulously restore or re-veneer the wood trim of any Mercedes-Benz model, breathing new life into your vehicle's interior. If you desire a more opulent touch, we also offer the option to replace the veneer with a selection of luxurious wood types, tailored to your preferences.

For more information or pictures, please don’t hesitate to send us a message and we would gladly help!

Please contact us about the type of wood you would like or feel free to ask our advice if you have a difficult time choosing an appropriate type.

On request we can finish the trim with other materials as well.

Fits the:

  • Mercedes-Benz W201
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